You can watch the video of the opening on YouTube Wolfgang Hauck explains the background of the exhibition, and the structure of the digital exhibition spaces and gives instructions for viewing. He emphasizes the importance of periodic repetition of memory for the formation of historical and social memory, in order to establish a tradition of memory culture that can deal with the unstructured and extensive digital fragments of memory. The exhibition is not a reproduction of something that exists. This virtual presentation is also not documentation, but impressively demonstrates a new format for interactive, digital exhibitions Er betont die Bedeutung von periodischer Wiederholung der Erinnerung für die Bildung eines historischen und sozialen Gedächtnisses, um so eine Tradition der Erinnerungskultur zu etablieren, die mit den unstrukturierten und umfangreichen digitalen Erinnerungsbruchstücken umgehen kann. Die Ausstellung ist keine Wiedergabe von etwas Vorhandenem. Diese virtuelle Präsentation ist auch keine Dokumentation, sondern zeigt eindrucksvoll ein neues Format für interaktive, digitale Ausstellungen


1. youth marches The youth marches to Landsberg am Lech referred to took place in 1937/38 (not 1936/37 as stated): “Following the Reich Party Rallies in 1937 and 1938, delegations of the Hitler Youth from all over the German Reich marched to Landsberg in the “Confession March of the Hitler Youth”.” Sources: und 2. an article on the demonstration mentioned on 27th January, 1951 An article in the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” on the subject of anti-Semitism: “Jews out! A demonstration in favour of Nazi criminals turns into an anti-Semitic rally.” By Jens Christian Wagner. 3. VR Glasses The VR glasses shown are Oculus Go. These or similar VR glasses are very good for VR films, websites and interactive presentations. These glasses store all content and do not require a cable connection to a computer or are directly connected to the Internet, making them very flexible to use. Test reports and information on VR glasses, as of 2020: 4. Update of information on events in the city of Landsberg am Lec The cultural office of the city of Landsberg am Lech notified the following events on 3.4.2020 as additions to the programme in 2020:
  • Youth project in the Welfenkaserne: “The Other Life”, with pupils and Thomas Darchinger.
  • Reading “Im Ascheregen die Spur deines Namen” (In the rain of ashes the trace of your name)
  • Travelling exhibition “Assassination of Hitler – Stauffenberg” in schools
More detailed information or links to the events have not yet been provided.