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The Long Shadow of the Past: Memory Culture and Politics of History by Aleida Assmann Paperback We have left the 20th century, but it has not left us. While there are fewer and fewer eyewitnesses and survivors of the Second World War and the Holocaust, more than sixty years after the traumatic events we remain intensely engaged in giving this past a memory shape. Aleida Asmann explores different paths leading from individual to collective constructions of the past in this lucid and vividly written book that courageously defies disciplinary boundaries, and explores the tensions between personal experience and official commemoration. An indispensable guide for all who ask about the present and the future of memory.

Gemeinsame Unschuld Taschenbuch 9,90 €
Don’t take your guns to town ….
Don’t take your guns to town ….
Der lange Schatten der Vergangenheit. Erinnerungskultur und Geschichtspolitik
Autor(en) :Assmann, Aleida
Erschienen: München 2006 
Anzahl Seiten: 320 
Preis € 19,90


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